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2.Draw Triangle directly into PDF via PLSQL using PL_FPDF
3.Write fast and efficient PLSQL - DBMS_PROFILER
4.Fix physically corrupt data blocks using PLSQL - DBMS_REPAIR
5.Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using PLSQL - DBMS_CRYPTO
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Oracle 10g db_nk_cache_size Parameters

This is an article to show how to configure multiple size buffer caches in SGA and create tablespaces with different block sizes.

Handling Nulls in a Primary and Foreign key relationship

NULLS are the most mysterious element of a database, always behave different. This post shows how NULLS behave with Primary/Foreign Key relationships.

How to transport a tablespace in Oracle 10g

This post demonstrate how to transport a tablespace from one database to the other cross platform database. This is a very common activity in large databases.

How to convert user managed copies into RMAN copies

This article shows how can you take benefit of RMAN recovery features using user managed copies by cataloging them into RMAN repository as RMAN copies.

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