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2.Draw Triangle directly into PDF via PLSQL using PL_FPDF
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4.Fix physically corrupt data blocks using PLSQL - DBMS_REPAIR
5.Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using PLSQL - DBMS_CRYPTO
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How to migrate online redo logs to Oracle ASM storage

This article shows how to migrate online redo log files to ASM diskgroups, once a non-asm Oracle database is migrated to ASM storage.

Create Virtual Machine using VMWare

This article shows how to create a virtual machine to host Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS using VMWare Server 2.0.

How to Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5

A step by step guide for installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL 5) 32-bit. I usually do this kind of installation for Oracle Server.

How to Configure ASM disks using ASMLib or Raw Disks

There are two very common ways to configure disks for ASM, using ASMLib or Raw Disks. This article covers both of them.

How to migrate Oracle datafiles to ASM storage via RMAN

This article shows how to migrate or move oracle datafiles to ASM diskgroups using RMAN after installing ASM instance with a non-asm database.

How to perform Block Media Recovery using RMAN

If you have corrupt blocks in datafile and you have RMAN backup or copies of the file, just those blocks can be recovered via RMAN Block Media Recovery feature.

Automatic Shared Memory Management in Oracle 10g

This article is a brief explanation of Oracle 10g Automatic Shared Memory Management (ASMM) and is explained with examples.

How to configure Raw Disks in RHEL 5

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0 and 5.1 does not have rawdevices services. This post shows how to configure raw disks in RHEL 5.0. and 5.1 using UDEV.

Recyclebin with Flashback Table in Oracle 10g

A great feature in oracle 10g is recycle bin. Accidental table drops are now quite minimized with this feature. Just do a Flashback Table and the table is back.

How to install ASM instance on a non-asm Oracle database

This artical is a step by step demonstration of how to install ASM instance with Database Configuration Assistant to work with a non-asm Oracle Database.