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2.Draw Triangle directly into PDF via PLSQL using PL_FPDF
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4.Fix physically corrupt data blocks using PLSQL - DBMS_REPAIR
5.Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using PLSQL - DBMS_CRYPTO
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Using Oracle LogMiner to undo incorrectly committed changes

How to analyze redo log files for changes happened on certain time or SCN range using LogMiner and how can we recover data loss from user errors with UNDO SQL

How to read or analyze redo log files using LogMiner

How to use LogMiner in Oracle 10g: This article shows how to read/analyze online/archive redo log files using Oracle LogMiner through a sql interface.

Add ASM Instance into Enterprise Manager

When a non ASM database is migrated to ASM storage the dbcontrol (Oracle Enterprise Manager) may not discover the newly created ASM instance and does not display anything for the ASM instance on its home page. This article shows how to configure EM to discover ASM instance.

How to extract user sql statements from Oracle Trace Files

Filter out and extract sql statements executed by the user or application and are traced in Oracle Trace files ignoring things done by Oracle Server internally.

How to kill all processes with one command in Linux

This post shows how to kill multiple processes of same nature with one command. e.g. al l java processes or all apache processes or all oracle processes.

Install Oracle 11g Release 2 on RHEL 5

This is a quick guide consists of steps which I usually use to install Oracle 11g R2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Install Oracle 10g Release 2 on RHEL 5

This is a step by step guide, which will walk you through the installation of Oracle 10g R2 on RHEL 5.1 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1) 32-bit architecture.

How to Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4

A step by step guide for installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 32-bit. I usually do this kind of installation for Oracle Server.

Audit Trail example in Oracle 10gR2

This article is a quick demonstration of Oracle Database Auditing. It includes Enabling the Audit, setting audit options and viewing the audit trail.

Migrate Oracle Flash Recovery Area to ASM storage via RMAN

This article demonstrates how to migrate flash recovery area contents (archive redo logs,backupsets,flashback logs) from unix filesystem to Oracle ASM storage.