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2.Draw Triangle directly into PDF via PLSQL using PL_FPDF
3.Write fast and efficient PLSQL - DBMS_PROFILER
4.Fix physically corrupt data blocks using PLSQL - DBMS_REPAIR
5.Encrypt or Decrypt sensitive data using PLSQL - DBMS_CRYPTO
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Install Oracle 11g Release 1 on RHEL 5

This is a quick step by step guide, which I usually use to install Oracle 11g Release 1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Upgrade Oracle 10g Release 2 to Oracle 11g Release 2

This article is a step by step guide to upgrade Oracle 10g Release 2 ( to 11g Release 2 ( on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4.

Oracle 11g Release 2 Pre Upgrade tool utlu112i sql

This article shows what to do for different warnings and cautions reported by Oracle 11g Release 2 Pre-Upgrade tool that is utlu112i.sql during 11gR2 upgrade.

Change or switch undo tablespace in Oracle database

A frequently asked question on different Oracle forums is; How do I change the UNDO tablespace for my database and drop the old one? This post shows how.


This article shows how to perform a Flashback Transaction manually using DBMS_FLASHBACK.TRANSACTION_BACKOUT in the absense of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Oracle 11g Flashback Transaction in OEM LogMiner Interface

Oracle 11g introduces a new feature called Flashback Transaction that can be used to rollback a whole transaction. This article explains how this works.

Upgrade Oracle 10g Release 2 from 10201 to 10204

This post demonstrates a step by step guide to apply oracle patchset (patch number 6810189) on database hosted on 32-bit RHEL 5.4.

Oracle 11g Using LogMiner to analyze redo log files

Oracle 11g LogMiner has been incorporated into Oracle Enterprise Manager to analyze the redo log files. This article shows how it works with example.

TDE in Oracle 11g and Transparent Tablespace Encryption

Oracle 11g introduced transparent tablespace encryption feature in Oracle advanced security. This post explains how it works with its performance improvements.

Oracle 10g Transparent Data Encryption examples

Oracle 10g transparent data encryption (TDE) is a powerful feature to hide sensitive data. This post shows how to use TDE along with performance considerations.